Giving yourself away, by ALDOCAPO.

Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(38 total ratings)
AuthorsDOMINO CLUB, lunafromthemoon
GenreInteractive Fiction
Made withPhaser


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This was incredible. The first time (when I recorded it and all the dialogues were glitchy), and the second time when I re-recorded it (and the letters don't move away and fly from the box). This feel like home. Growing up in a place where there are few jobs, and most jobs are like that, it felt real. It is how it happens. The mono syllables. The Sport. The humor. The weirdness and never safe-ness. Impressive.

What an incredible story thanks for the fish

am i stuck at the football part or is it supposed to end there

it was my pc.waug




Glad you got to the end!

really interesting little slice. dialogue felt natural and believable, i wish i could see more! 


10/10 use of your cat

(1 edit) (+1)

"Didn't expect handling a machine that could explode and kill me any second to be so mind numbing."

Interesting game, looks awesome though I did have the bug with the text boxes. (Might be browser thing? Was using Firefox.) Fish factory is an unusual setting, but I like it. Reminds me of the fish market episode of I Am In Eskew.

Factory aesthetic is lit, also love the dithering and image edits in general:

Part of me wants a longer story or more choice points so we got a better sense of the characters (and what is up with the mutant fish thing?), but as it is it's an interesting glimpse of a larger world.

(1 edit) (+1)

Was just working on a little update with a few more scenes (and scene selector).

Still working on the text bug, though. Disabling some browser extensions may help.


loved this!! the images are so carefully chosen, and the storyline was intriguing the whole way through. even enjoyed the minigame tbh


Text fortmatting was fucked but 5/5 changed my world


scratched an itch in my brain in a way i can't describe


I thought I'd give it a quick glance but read all the way through the end. The writer has a solid grasp on dynamics between characters, and portrays them electrically with minimal dialogue.

I love the dockworkers + union social setting. The glimpses to the other job were welcome

boy does this game take mileage of the interview format

||| I thought that Jelly was going to betray us, based on the psycho comment and him being setup as kind of unreliable. He ended up being a kind nuisance, which is a bit jarring but also sweet. |||


oh im feeling things (positive).................

very cool!!! i want to know more about the universe... i got a bug at the end where all of jellys text was cut off by the left side of the screen, but it was still mostly readable

this was so beautiful...


Really cool... indescribably fishy/grimy yet sweet vibes... the shared universe(?) getting really alive

When playing on mobile, the text comes out of the boxes for some reason and it's hard to read.

Screenshot of the game showing text out of its box/container and onto a picture, making it unreadable.

I've come across this in some other RenJS games as well, I've found luck in trying to play the game in a different browser.

Oh, as in, it might be a problem due to RenJS itself. Got it. Thank you for your reply. <3


Also the text kept getting cut off

This was great but im ngl I didn't fully get it


loved this