An angel feels its way

Created by The Indigo Children, aka nat_

Content Warnings Child Abuse, Suicide, Stalking, Dubious Consent, Transphobia, Needles, Vomit
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(56 total ratings)
AuthorsDOMINO CLUB, nat_pussy
GenreInteractive Fiction
TagsAdult, angel, artgame, weird


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I will play every single game this creator has / will ever make. Resonates too closely. Pure art. Impure art. Just yes.

yessss yesssss yessssssss


I feel myself so much in this


Really good narrative. It hits hard. 


Mortifying ordeal of being known, innit?

Sharp, sad... maybe some secret third thing that isn't tragic or transcendent. Rips, in the best worst possible ways. Thanks.

(1 edit) (+3)

mm, wow, yeah (:

fun to see how for me it was about being trans but other creatures in these reviews read it differently. it was nice. it was very good. it felt umm and then yeah and then wooaa noo but obviously yes.

(this written a few days ago, just posting now)


Good art.

Good narrative voice.

The story and presentation (especially being in first person, and sometimes slipping into a soft second person?) reminds me of a semi famous little comic about an angel talking to two women who ask it extremely intrusive questions while it tries to focus on them despite perceiving everything in the area down to terrible details. That sort of altered way of living and seeing the world is a really fun way to explore the main character, kudos.

Good bass on the bedroom song.

(Ending spoilers)

The story is great. I like the angel thing as straight up narrative, and it works just as well as (what I'm guessing is) trans allegory, of some kind. I like the strange mixed pain and relief finding a date seems to bring, the ambiguous note it ends on. I like the final scene, how we see the character flex her agency a little for the first time, and then immediately jump to knowing what she wants and exercising ultimate and final agency to spite the strange man.

This game really digs down into some interesting, unnerving and sort of cathartic emotion. I wish I had more to say but it's not all processed yet; I'll be thinking about this one for a while. Thank you Indigo Children!


Brutal, gritty, and electric. Things like this set my brain on fire and I just want more. The ending killed me too, I wish less of my friends could disappear like that, just as easily


That was rough.


wow!! this makes me feel like the day after a conversion therapy session!

(+2) fucking sucks. Great work! 




That was quite the experience. Great writing. Everything works together to make a cohesive and somewhat disorienting playthrough, and I mean that in a good way. I'm a fan of the highly contrasting text jumping around on equally high-contrast backgrounds.


damnnnnnn. i love it and also as always with there raw? games.. feeling very like infused with adrenaline?? idk but damn its so good


this fucked me up so bad (good). amazing.


very pretty, i loved the writing, tension between concepts…"real" music, "authentic" restaurant, the smiles without malice when saying what to another is so hurtful. marks they chose against scars i didnt. thank you for making it.