everything painful is (al)right

written by Imitation Meat

Made with Super Videotome. 30-60 minutes. 0-2 sex scenes, 2 endings.

Content Warnings
  • Explicit sexual content,
  • semi-consensual sex,
  • robot ero guro,
  • assorted bodily fluids incl. piss and vomit
  • heavy &/or misogynistic language

i love you

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(40 total ratings)
AuthorsDOMINO CLUB, communistsister
GenreInteractive Fiction
TagsAdult, capitalism, doll, fiction, NSFW, robot, ryona, Sci-fi, sex, Transgender
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse

Development log


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just one of those pieces that make me so deeply appreciate the artform because i cant articulate what made it so amazing to experience. incredible


This has really stuck with me, an incredible game talking about some heavy, real shit. 10/10


This game is so beautifully and viscerally obscene and heart-wrenching, I'm a little obsessed. I haven't read anything else quite like it


this is obscenely good. the emotion is so immediate and raw it almost feels like you shouldn't be allowed to play it for fear of intruding on something. i want to bite into this game like a peach.


I didn't know I needed something like this...


That was fantastic. This guy can WRITE.


bloody hell. I had to go back and replay the other doll opportunity because of how... obscene the writing was in this. masterful work, the ambience and tediousness of the world Ines lives in is really felt.


i've never felt so viscerally... something in my entire life. i want to write my college thesis on this game. thank you for making it.


1: there are only two domino club members who know dutch and i am not the fluent one here lol. 2: this was good in like...a painful way.


idk. this whole story was like a comforting nostalgic feeling perhaps because of my past or just a copying mechanism but I overall really enjoyed the experience of it, how it was put and so on. Short and simple although nothing truly is. 


mm that line about cogs... mood..... also damn,,, all that pain and humiliation,,,, mmmmmmmm good game, both endings were.. soothing? in their different ways...