content warnings:
thalassophobia, alcoholism, light gore/body horror, sexual themes/language, death.

credits and attribution:- written, art by HAGFISH CONSORTIUM | music/sound, editing by SENSORY LEAKAGE
- made in Calico using ink
- images: pexels, unsplash and wikimedia | CC BY-SA 4.0 where applicable

use space bar to advance text, use left mouse button to click on branching choices.



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a fucking ripper, as always

the atmospheric setting and subtle ambience interact to create such pressurized dread throughout the piece... really enjoyed this one!

The sound design and worldbuilding are so interesting, it really does add to the atmosphere of cramped hopelessness the game gives you. I love the deep ocean and seeing people take it on in horror settings.


Very well written and paced! I love the quiet world-building and subtly unraveled body horror inflicted upon the protagonist. The Disco Elysium vibes — and direct reference... — are much appreciated.

The implementation is impeccable but I still have my gripes with it... while Mr. Kitajima may be a well written self-destructive gruff alcoholic in uniform (or body-mods, in this instance), unfortunately he's still one. 

It's one of the most overused character archetypes, and I hoped there would some little twist to him to make him push past it into uniqueness, but there was not.

I look forward to checking your other work!

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sometimes someone sucks and there is no twist to make that “better” or “more unique”. it happens in life and it happens in stories. (it’s on purpose.) thank you for your kind words though!


absolutely beautiful. i loved the sound design. the writing reminded me a lot of disco elysium (the highest compliment)


love the pacing of this. having to press multiple times, the text becoming clearer, really evokes the sense of something coming from the depths



Thank you 

from the bottom


Masterfully done world-building, masterfully done tension, masterfully done horror truly feels like sinking into the black depths of the ocean. The subtle visuals and haunting music went so well with it, fantastic work!


the writing is IMMACULATE! and the atmospheric music is top-tier. you built the tension so well and i just love the bitterness of that ending. so good!


This is absolutely amazing! I loved the world building, and how you managed to keep it rather vague but at the same time specific and to the point. Would love to see more stories within this world!


Splendid writing combined with simple visuals and atmospheric music!
Also I love the font, works so well 0:


This really really ruled


Awesome stuff, loved the music


So good


wow!!!! amazing


fuck yes \m/ love me problematic blorbos


riveted the whole time


just WOW! incredible! that was sooo deep and disturbing all the way!


adore this!


gutless? well i want gutmore! great stuff


aw yeah


this is extremely my shit.......


phenomenal. holy shit


fuck................... FUCK