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[1] tweet about showing hog by @GlassFembot

[2] original tumblr post about fetish artists long lost to the anarchy of tumblr username changes

[3] sickos originally based on "Painful Procedural" by onion comic artist Kelly

typed up in a fugue by Average Urotsukidōji Enjoyer

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"Be a pervert" is gonna stick in my brain whenever I make art. Incredible piece! 

i feel a bit more comfortable about myself after reading this
stuff like this is lowkey peak and I love this website for it

this was honestly really eye openeing and good, i really loved this!! :3

Thank you for this, it was very inspiring!! It makes me want to produce more self-indulgent shit


you're SO right. power to the perverts and the self-indulgent!



Thank you, this taught me to be more crazy about my stuff and I was able to get my crazyness published. Thank you so much!!


I've been worrying a lot these days if the games i make are too self-indulgent, or just otherwise too hyperfocused on the things i care about, for people to give a fuck about. i worry that maybe i should tone my shit down a bit, because being too raw and emotional and honest could mean opening myself to ridicule.

this essay is making me radically rethink how i approach my anxieties about this. thank you.

Excellent. Articulate. Thanks.


Hi Domino Club.

This essay was a huge influence on me and I think it's important to a lot of other people too.

I know this is an unusual request but would you consider submitting it to the Queer Games Bundle?

I view each year of the queer games bundle as kind of a time capsule or a snapshot of queerness in games.

I think this essay would give players of the bundle an important perspective on the games in the bundle.

You can add your game here:


i come back to this so often. sometimes i just keep it open in another tab while doing gamedev so i don't forget what matters. thanks so much for this!


So cool 

This book freezes and plays a clicking sound on repeat on first click, showing no text.  Any tips on how to fix it?


self indulgence usually makes better writing than attempting to please others


absolutely wonderful. keep it up you sickos




This kicks so much ass and was a truly fantastic read.

All creators should embrace the inner sicko inside them. Own up to what you are into, the art that is the most impactful is the art where the creator is very into something, perhaps a bit too into something, and you can tell. Whatever that thing may be.

Fear and censorship of the self from said fear makes for work one will find either boring, or a drag to get through. Be true to yourself and channel that inner sicko into your craft. Go all in.

Whatever the medium may be, a game, book, art, comic, etc, your art will be so much better for it.

Can't state enough how great this was. Thank you so much for making this.


Ghosts of Pasha's "Paper Doll" is also pretty good background music for the act of reading this one


I thought that was quite well-reasoned. I believe that, in general, people get caught under not only their general tendency to be worried about sexuality due to a variety of societal influences (especially if raised in a conservative household) but also because they're uncertain of what it really means to pay attention to boundaries - the boundaries that matter are the ones that apply in our life interacting with other people directly, whereas what's considered acceptable in something one makes are quite different and much more arbitrary. That's where the urge to not make what /you/ want becomes so awkward and comes in - the urge to self-censor for the sake of success or something. Of course, if you want to make something lots of people will enjoy and won't dismiss on principle, or to try to convince people who aren't like you, there's a certain value to figuring out what people will "let down their defenses" around and try to interact with earnestly - but it's important to remember that just because people will often be dismissive about stuff doesn't mean you can't communicate with people who'll get a lot out of it by being totally earnest. And self-censoring oneself to try to get those people who'd dismiss you is more likely to mean you've weakened your creation into something not even you like for the sake of people who might not even glance at it anyway. It's important to be honest with one's self.


love this!!!! put into words what I was thinking but struggling to articulate, thank you for this!


massive fan of this essay, thought of these couple of passages from this review of uncharted 4 while reading it:

thanks so much for writing this. it's really hard 2 let go of that sense of embarrassment at expressing a genuine feeling/obsession/fetish but i'm getting there and it's very worth it. kill not the part of you that is cringe, kill the part that cringes!! much love<3


This was a great read, thank you so much <333


Fantastic read! To piggyback off ChellayTiger though, asexuals can be perverts in the more traditional sense. There are many kinds of asexuality.


you must have a fetish for writing good essays


Great read! Question about how asexuals and how they fit into this. Are they also "perverts" when they get really into their stories?


i am using pervert both literally and metaphorically here; the criticism of irony culture etc and the penultimate closing paragraph mentioning "perversion for nonsexual topis and themes" support this reading of it not being exclusively About Sex but, as the tweet quote suggests - the same passions drive both. (although for me personally and in the context of an increasingly puritanical culture, it is primarily a stance About Sex.)


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I see! Thanks for the wonderful response!


not to take away from the rly good answer but also as an asexual (or at least on the ace spectrum), i am one hell of a pervert in a sexual way too xD (asexuals be different though!)


fear is the art killer, love this


yes… ha ha ha… YES!


this is a really fun read and im definitely checking what kind of games you have now


Awesome essay, required reading basically