cw: sex, mutilation, abuse, distortion of reality

please see what i can't see. say the word that i can't say

a letter from me to you

⏱ reading time ~30 min

download version highly recommended

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(35 total ratings)
AuthorsDOMINO CLUB, Middle Sea Software
GenreVisual Novel


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what the fuck just happened

Drop-dead gorgeous presentation, that combined with the prose had my breath hitched the whole game. Really nice work.

somehow Ive never commented on this--coming back months later, the game haunts me even now. fucked up (complimentary). will have to play again!

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oh wow, oh geez, absolute visual novel masterwork right here, thank you so much for this

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Easily the best soundtrack I've heard from the games this year (so far). Great narrative; it's fun how layered and complicated it gets without drifting into rote metanarrative stuff. Parts remind me of the autobiographical sections of House of Leaves, which is rare enough for a game to do, and this one pulled it off so cool and collected... It'll stay with me for a while.
Poor Ana.

I don't know how much story significance the name 32xlad has, but it made me giggle for some reason. So thanks for that!
Delicious game, thank you Ms. Profumo!


Always dig a good creepypasta, and love how this was woven into an interpersonal story, with partial information. Puts me in mind of The Uncle Who Works At Nintendo or Petscop. Really enjoyed letting my pattern-finding theory brain run wild too, trying to piece together my own meaning to take from this. Was a treat, Julie.


Really good loved the music and vibes... I have no idea how to solve this umineko esque mystery... how do the red words function here...?




yo fuck....................... this has gotten me fucked up good and i feel i really gotta think about it mm do i get it? idk but also shivers, man, shivers... actually maybe i dont want to think, i'm def feeling and maybe that enough haha


Loved the atmosphere in this


this goes places. what the fuck.


haunting (and haunted) visual novel, i loved the use of photography over visual novel sprites, the absence of visible humanity creating an intriguing distance in a story that is deeply concerned with what it means to live... really beautiful. thank you for making it.