content warningsbody horror, suicide mentions
jupiter engineyou can now download a version of the game intended to be an editable template for making your own game in a similar style. there's a small readme but you can contact me if you need help understanding anything

see also: The Ouroborous Incident

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(79 total ratings)
AuthorsDOMINO CLUB, candle
GenreInteractive Fiction, Visual Novel
TagsAtmospheric, epistolary, Horror, Sci-fi, Short, transhumanism
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


Download 22 MB


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Text can't keep me hooked for nothin, so that this thing had me completely hooked the whole time has to mean something. I love it!!! Great story! i was really immersed

I loved the story and the way the story was done! It really felt like the player was someone who is going through documents and researching everything through secret files and going deeper and deeper. This was genuinely a great experience and enthralling story!

The only thing I felt like could be changed and improved is that the story could have concentrated more on the space programme itself; what happened with the astronauts and the whole situation about that. It was really fun though to know what happened with the world and the effects of the experiments, but also the name of the game is merely mentioned once with the space experiment part and that was it. If there was more focus and depth with the space and the astronauts part of the story, it would have tied things in a lot! (Or at least that's how I felt, I still think it was a great story and to was super fun and interesting to see it all unravel and find the repercussions of everything!)

Another thing I felt could have been more effective was the music; I felt like a creepier ambiance would have been more in line with the story, but again, that's just how I saw it!

Was a great story to explore and had lots of fun playing it!


A truly excellent little sci-fi horror story with world-building so compelling and nuanced it feels like it could be real.The atmosphere is strong with this one, the email pop-ups and soundtrack giving a very technological vibe that fits perfectly with a bio-horror story.  The flow of panels is mostly intuitive and communicates the story very effectively, though there were a couple of times I had to backtrack to figure out what I had missed. 

My one minor nitpick is that the ending feels a bit abrupt; the pacing of multiple panels come at you all at once gives the feeling that we're ramping up to a climax, only for it to suddenly roll credits. I wonder if placing the montage before the final message from the blog "the exchange" and making that the ending would have been more effective pacing-wise.

That's a small thing in the face of what an absolutely excellent game this is. A rich world tightly knit together by increasingly horrifying concepts. This isn't one to play before you go to sleep, but if you can handle it, definitely give 20-ish minutes of your time to read through this amazing horror story!


Well, I've got pretty severe ADD and I literally sat and read through this whole thing, so that's gotta count for something. Really nice little game. 

absolutely loved this. Really cool, really well executed, love the format of the text, music and visuals excellent. Amazing job.

Cool concept and story!

One of the most intresting horror short stories i've read in past couple of month although not saying much knowing i don't usually read cosmic horror but none the less still a great project.

real fucking cool honestly but also my head hurts from so much reading haha

Simple, but well done and lovely. Nice cosmic horror with interesting format.


Great story and told well. Music bops aswell.

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it was only at the end that i realized what the title meant. i think i might have audibly gasped - what an experience.

this is a fantastic work of art. it's so good. my only wish is that it could have lasted longer!


Very strong storytelling. Thanks for the README file too!


This was really well done, gorgeous presentation and the sci-fi was super-engrossing.