Lunar-meteorologist-cum-conman Cyan wakes up tied to a chair with a strange woman monologuing at him. What went wrong?


paradigmfetish is a linear ditherpunk visual novel made in RenJS.

content warnings for: strong language, sex discussion, threat

Made by domino club member Hanna Violence.

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(36 total ratings)
AuthorsDOMINO CLUB, communistsister
GenreInteractive Fiction, Visual Novel
Made withPhaser
TagsBlack and White, dither, Kinetic Novel, monologue, renjs, scifi, sex, Transgender


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finally, trans wrongs


Learned a lot about pegging today. Thanks for the game.


Good ass game.


This game is off the shits but so good. I can't recommend this to anyone bc the opening dialogue is about pegging in space but I need someone else to experience it with. Played it from 11:00 to 11:40 at night and now I can't sleep bc the weird little guys are rotating in my brain. God I love I hope all gamedevs continue to make Weirdass Little Stories with extensive Pegging Monologues. 

I am definitely never looking at chocolate the same way again.

okay this was the shit, very captivating haha

fuck, this was great


this game fucks. i was completely absorbed in the story the whole time... about to jump right into the sequel


Loved that story!!! Great work!!!


very the silver case vibes