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CW: This game contain references to medical issues,  abandonment, ageing, memory loss, and slow, inevitable, peaceful death

A solo journaling roleplaying game about an entity taking care of the inhabitants of an orbiting rock.

by harper s.a.m.

In order to play this game you are going to need:

• a standard deck of 52 cards, with one of jokers set aside

• something for keeping track of your energy points (pencil and paper, d10, notepad...)

•  a way of recording your story: something for writing, audio logs, or else. The game is relatively short and I encourage you to play it in one session so you might also just play it out without taking notes, if you wish.

The print friendly version is exactly the same, without the coloured backgrounds



LookingAfterOrbitingRockV0.2.pdf 257 kB
LookingAfterOrbitingRockV0.2_printfriendly.pdf 241 kB


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i really like how gentle this game is!! and the mechanic is real nice-- i keep meaning to play more journaling games and stuff but i still havn't actually >.<;; this is really inspiring me to go back to my plant journaling game haha <3