CW: Mouldy food

Joey Wamoney wakes up one day to find himself turned into a hot dog.

By Rock 'n Roll Highschool for DOMINO CLUB.

Music is Brendon Small • Franz Kafka Rock Opera • Karaoke Version

Sounds courtesy of Freesound

Assets by Rock 'n Roll Highschool with some stuff taken from Freepik.


Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(19 total ratings)


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always a joy to play with Joey

This game is life-changing. I was on the brink of death laying in my hospital bed until my doctor walked in front of my face with a laptop with Joey Wamoney game open. All he had to say was "Joey Wamoney," and I knew that I would be saved.

Lol this owns. what the fuck?

He is Franz Franz KaaFKaa!

This was a crazy ride... I loved it!!  


i keep forgetting the ramones are real. all is wamoney.


from biggidy boy to diggidy dog...


all the joey wamoney games are great and this one doesn't disappoint! 


stunning... a worthy addition to the joey wamonone canon.


Imagine a video game. Think of what that game might look like, how it might play, how long it might take to fully play through, how dense its content might be, how rich its world might be rendered. And now, strip away all of that. Remove any hi-fi graphics, pare down the game play to the most basic 2D movement and single-button interaction, scale it way back. Does it still feel like joey wamone?