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what a roller coaster ride of emotions, it is brilliant onion

Beige nods firmly in affirmation

Though i do feel like I should have gone in with more onion detective-verse knowledge, but it was very funny to see 'you' through the whole interview process

Beige smiles and gives a chuckle

(ps I don't know why but "Him Tortons" made me laugh WAY too much)

Beige laughs out loud

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- Written by: Beige

-Produced by: Beige

-Edited by: Beige

Thank you for reading it, it could only have been made possible by onions like YOU <3


shit i missed this bc i dont go on the account a lot (and im always too lazy to add myself a co-author, i like to stay mysterious heh)

thanks for playing tho!!!! TTwTT hahaha ur comment has made me giggle a lot!

Hey this was really awesome!

I'm too lazy to log in and do a dev post so just haha i am real, this is partially autobiographical with some uh embellishes heh

the games are real! 

lil onion detective: (also only 6 yrs old lol and also my first vitsy game!)

onion detective 2:

p.i. berry:

a night at manster mansion:

also fun! onion cameos:

also this is a parody of the movie Freaked haha its a fun movie imo: 

+ uh if you like mysteries, check out Anthony Horowitz's book series that starts with The Word Is Murder where its his self-insert and an oc detective lol

onion out 🧅


sorry for the double post but you know i had to do it to em


lmao love this! 😂


i fuckijg love this and it hurt me to not say this as soon as i saw this (which was rly just yesterday but still xD)


SCREAMING CRYING THROWING UP (in the most positive way)

i have a stalker.......


the appearance twists were pretty funny imo LOL


thank you the onion