by Mémoire Vivante

May take a minute or so to load. Once instructions appear, everything is ready.

Music from ROZKOL.

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(33 total ratings)
AuthorsDOMINO CLUB, candle
GenreInteractive Fiction
TagsAtmospheric, Narrative
Average sessionA few minutes


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short but sweet. the walking bit surprised me too—been playing the other ifs and it sure was different from them! extremely great vibes

damn!!!! the walking bit fucking surprised me, that shit is cool af. well the whole thing is cool af!!

This is siiiick! I loved every second of it.

This. Is. Amazing.

Is Heritage and a domino piece the end of the game? Waited for something to load...

you should see icons of keyboard keys to use if it loaded correctly. avoid the itch app if you're using it, it doesn't work for this game

whoah. woahhhh. WOAH

hhhhhh the vibes


mindblowingly great presentation, the sounds & transitions were frenetic. love the lore

i'm like. kinda angry at how incredible and well-designed this is

Wow this is amazing! :O You accomplished such a great atmosphere with a mixture of text, music and is that bitsy?