made for domino jam 4 by betty rizzo // aka nat_content

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(28 total ratings)
AuthorsDOMINO CLUB, nat_content
GenreInteractive Fiction
Tags60s, Adult, artgame, biker, Narrative, pollution, Short, videotome, weird


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This was beautiful!


so phenomenal!

Hey, it's not working on Safari. All I see is 2 squares on the upper right hand corner.


It is working on Chrome.


This is amazing! The tone, language, AV - everything 😎👌


This was seriously amazing, loved how it was written, especially how the bike itself was described. Makes me yearn for learning more about this world, great work !


This is fucking rad!!!

Seriously, the way the prose here weaves in aspects of mechanical and biological imagery, with like, a loving, unnerving, and sometimes almost sexual tone, is just fucking sublime. And the visuals do a great job of adding to the vibes and helping to guide your imagination. Great job with this frfr


Oo, this slaps! (and quivers, gently, underhand) Great work!





bikers eXistenZ


fuck................... okay but thats like,, damn! the descriptions of the uh motorcycle.. that was like wow