by Bafta Deznut and Cherd of Hargers

content warningsnon-consentual medical procedure, cutting, kink - including : knife-play, medical devices (including enemas) 🔑
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(18 total ratings)
GenreInteractive Fiction
TagsAdult, Erotic, Mechs, NSFW


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I don'T get this, any help?

This is just excellent, unbelievably good use of decker -you love to see it!

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"Zero. This is over. I'm out. I thought we had something going here. I mean, I knew you never wanted it to be me. And I know you probably never knew or cared how much I love doing this even if you're... you. But you of all people should know what it means to hurt someone else. To actually damage them. I know you have no sense of self-preservation, but I thought - I believed that you respected this enough, respected me enough?"

He sighs, and stands, extending a hand to help me up. "I'll take responsibility. I should have checked sooner. But - I'm done. You can carve your own path to self-destruction. I won't do it for you."

Well, damn.

How was this made, by the way? It looks awesome. (Edit: It's Decker!)

Well-crafted and delightful, plus some fangs where it needs it. Bravo! 

wowwwww… hot as hell and playful in its unfolding? so dope!!

yes hahaha yes

oh those sex scenes were hot

this absolutely fucking rips. incredible.