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this is a fucking banger. love the mix of styles

Amazing ! So I get what I think is the first ending, and the whole project is fantastic. Would love a walkthrough by someone to see the other ending, cause I don't know at which point of the game you're supposed to see which one you got. Anyway, the game will be in my Top 10 of the year for sure. Bravo !


thank you, glad you enjoyed it! there are steps to obtain the other 2 endings plus true end if you clikc the "Endings Walkthrough" spoiler link in the game description

What's the Dungeon program for? Is it some sort of easter egg?


The Dungeon contained a hint for the first players to figure out how to unlock the true end, before instructions were listed on the page. Also was just a fun experiment we threw in - it fits the vibe of a cracktro group just adding random bits of bonus software :)

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true end get............ magnificent. i love the janes and colet and everyone. had a grin on my face for ten minutes straight after finishing


I liked the Janes too, but I also kinda hated them in a way. Like imagine what kind of person the "master" is for making them to be that way

SO GOOD!! awawawawa…


question, is there anything else after "Mind Break" shows up as an option? or was that everything? I'm not sure if I reached the very end


Mind Break is the end of the game. Thank you for playing!





Damn, i love it!

Though i'm seriously unlucky with random softlocks.

The flirting dream always freezes for me if i flirt with any demon except the final one (so i had to restart from checkpoint a few times).

And on the ending 4, after doing boot sequence, first dream opened a blank window in the foreground and everything became unresponsive :/

Is there any way to retry ending 4 easily in this case, or do i have to go through all variants again?


WOW i got all endings- genuinely phenomenal work. Loved the way the true ending was handled.


hey im too high to process this game correctly but i liked the part about tranny music. i think their right


Sewerslvt for life, dude

This is amazing. Any chance for a dowloadable version?


We’ve got work to do pissgirl


I should adapt that as a catchphrase


amazing! ...any hints for the endings? i died in the ending i found.

Thanks for playing! We have updated the description to put full ending instructions behind a spoiler tag. Have fun :)

Ive been stuck on the first screenshot of this page for a while. Anyone know what to do? i got a prompt out of the Toolbox, but clicking Connect doesn't seem to do anything


select the date of the first dream in the Analyzer window and then click Recall

and finished! (b^^)b very cool game

that was fuckin' nuts omg. i feel like i missed something?? is there more? what the fuck that was fuckin' nuts.

omg wow


played a great video game today

hell yeah

hell yeah

hell yeah

hell yeah

fuuuuuuuck yes dude


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lost my place and cannot play more right now but god i adore what i played. absolutely adore this game holy wow


Very computers game. Thank you.


Holy shit? Holy shit. Possibly my favorite of the jam. I advise you all to play with a somewhat full bladder. The presentation was amazing, the music banging, and uh...the sex...fuck...y e ah...fuck...FUCK.



yes? what are you asking about?

It's very bizarre


this is a game about pissy sexo I think this comment is normal actually


I need to give this 10 stars


seeding and thank you