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... by this logic, you'd also be part pf the society that provides for the others that would desire to reappropriate time stolen from them...


let there be a thousand blossoms bloom as far as i'm concerned


you, yourself,  are a part of society... if a group of people were to focus their time on other pursuits, the other group (ones not reappropriating time) would have to work to sustain themselves and the group not working (which would be unfair)

employment is not the problem, it is merely the tool used to assign value to people's effort

the ones assigning that value are the real masterminds...

you may revel in your "strategic indifference" as much as you want, but the fact is it offers no solutions to the problems we face...

if you are entitled to a living by society's capacity to provide, then you, yourself, should be providing by virtue of being part of society, otherwise you would be cleaving the people in half; one half who makes effort, and one half that doesn't

the question, then, would be: who decides who goes to which half? 

(or would you claim to not be a part of society?)

you cannot live without expending effort to do so... basic necessities do not rain down from the skies

everyone has a role to play in this complex, convoluted system...

the values assigned to our work is biased, skewed...

a small portion of humanity benefits the most from the larger part's toil

but unemployment doesn't exactly help now, does it?

the ones in power working behind the scene should be the target of our unrest, not this shabby system that is only a tool at its most primitive form

retreat to your forests if you want, live a nomadic life, sustain yourself on the bare minimum but know that you STILL have to expend effort to live

and if you want to no part in society's scheme, then don't expect it to sustain you either...


Thinking of the 5+ smoke breaks per shift that continued long after I quit smoking




printing this out and leaving it in the break room. also PRUDENT STEALINGS is so fucking funny great work