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I always knew my love of cussing would come in handy

This is the pinnacle of interactive fiction.  It's not a complex story, but the pacing and the mechanism to its unfolding makes it an immersive and spine-chilling experience, even without using a single image.


It was a really interesting and well crafted story! The sci fi turning into a little horror was great and the psychology of the people in the story with the story going on was also done really well and intriguingly! 

Images could maybe have been used instead of describing everything such as the GPS images and stuff as sometimes images hit harder than words, but I still thought it was well crafted and well done and it was easy to follow as well! Would love to see more games done in this Engine!


That was a very fun sci-fi horror story. The UI really sells the story.

omgoodness stunning. so good. 


the fuck?


Fucking stunning

predictable but very entertaining.

...oh my fucking god i had to complete a captcha for this comment lmao

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Fantastic sci-fi. That last message from serpentliker just about floored me. What a banger.

wow. that was wild.

oh now THIS is a cool way to do a game, 10/10 loved the bookendings

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really good. writing is some of my favourite of all time.


survival of the fuckest


this is extremely my shit


my frustration with captcha, AI, crypto, and tech bros has been validated. joking aside, this is a great lil experience


omg, that was really really fucking good


This is excellent.  Reminiscent of China Mieville (in the best way), and it's a great use of the medium.