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Definitely vibed with this one. I liked the allegorical feeling of it all! I've felt plenty of familiar insecurities around my art and communities too, about where I'm putting down roots and with who, and even like... how making something for myself is fundamentally different than when I make something knowing there's an audience. One of those social chameleon people-pleaser reflexes!

Anyway, I liked your frankensteins a lot. :3


Amazing. I love the different presentational modes. I love the touch of having portraits on the right hand side. I love the dialogue sort of being structured like a film script or discord channel. The characters are well realised; I like that Ali gets a little pissy and annoying occasionally, she reminds me of how I worry I come off to people. Great group dynamics throughout, really; it's easy to project a lot of the ways people interact onto friend groups I'm in, which is always a cool feeling.

I like the way they all work out their little projects and get attached to them and slowly how they feel about them changes. Some are pragmatic, the newspaper is frankly insane, the Frankensteins are cool. The second letter to the newspaper made me shiver because it hits very close to home. It's effective writing!

I like the different channels/avenues of conversation people work out. Some are direct, some have an anonymous source, sometimes the recipient AND the source is anonymous. It's good and keeps the work lively throughout.

I like that the writer cares so much about porn, but in a way that isn't just a joke. Hard to put into words, but they seem very invested in new art getting made (and it's worth noting, maybe, that the porn really is the only purely artistic pursuit going on that we know about...)

Great game. I haven't played all the games from this jam yet but this one's going to the tippy top of my list for sure.

this rules, rly impressive

oh this was interesting! i'm not fully sure how to feel i guess, just processing the story.. lots of elements i liked.








mm its weird to have it end like that? not that its bad but just makes me yearn to know more.. does oliver ever get another reply? what was the project? why are people moving north? is there a reason for not staying beyond weather? lots of questions that are left open-- which is cool beans, but does really open itself to pondering...

loved this!

neat little story! very funky vibe to it

really loved the way this blended script and diary... the dialogue was wonderfully naturalistic and well observed, often funny but also... bleak. lots to think about! thank you for making this :)