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this is real neat!!! i love these kinds of puzzles <3


it was quite challenging !


I got stuck on one of the puzzles but this is fantastic!


Really cool game! Fun puzzles to solve and great graphics!


i really like the style and execution of this game but i'm stuck on the last puzzle! i'll have to come back later...


it's wild what you can do with GBStudio!



this was a very lovely game and so fun!! I had to have help on one of the stages but I figured out the last one on my own and feel v accomplished

clever puzzles, gorgeous art!

gorgeous work!!!! my head hurts from puzzlin now


i love monster manipulation puzzles <3 this game really made me feel warm and fuzzy inside like i was in a deadly room of death <3 <3 <3

beautiful pixel art, challenging & engaging puzzle design, and a narrative as esoteric as it is motivating. Fantastic work!