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Are there any sex scenes?


First of all, games are art, and art is subjective and every choice made by the developers has some meaning. Any criticisms I levy are from my personal experiences with the game and your own experience may vary. Major props to heaven's guard and everyone else who worked on this game.

TL;DR - As a whole, greasemnk by heaven's guard is overall a very  interesting experience that kept me hooked until the end, despite it's flawed game play.

Pros -

  • Overall great aesthetic
    • Look is unique
    • Music is fantastic for the setting, final boss music is a bop.
    • Environment design is simple, but the subtle 3D effects are great
  • Setting and story are interesting and kept me hooked longer than the game itself should have (more on that below)
  • Battle system has real potential (that's not realized)
  • Would really love to see many elements of this game expanded into a longer experience.

Cons -

  • Difficulty level is steep, and not in a way that feels good to overcome. If the story hadn't intrigued me I would have dropped the game after the first few battles. The accuracy rate of both the player AND the enemy are criminally low. Low accuracy rates are a cardinal sin in RPG's because they just don't feel good. Even if you're making the right tactical choices, a poorly timed miss could completely ruin a fight, forcing a reload.
  • Battle system is obtuse but, again, not in a way that feels rewarding to unravel. Trial and error is required to figure out which abilities to use when. Thankfully, the game does allow the player to change their loadout during battle for free, but it's best to just restart once you've figured it out.
  • Limited number of battles and items can soft lock the player if they're not careful with their restorative items.
  • It's just plain unfun to go back and save before every fight just to have to reload and see if you get luckier with attacks and misses.

Overall, greasemnk has a fascinating narrative, but can only be enjoyed by the most patient of players.

when i pass the text it only shows me a black screen


hard as fuck, combat took some patience and some trial and error but ultimately i really liked how much sense and understanding they demanded of me. good use of enemies attacking in patterns, something i can find unpleasantly artificial in some games was used to great effect here, making me feel like a consummate professional killer whenever i managed to get through a hard battle. of course, everything else about the game made me feel like that was kind of a nauseating thing to be... excellent style, atmosphere, sounds, plenty of confidence and vision, great stuff all around!


You softlock yourself if you run out of healing items. You literally can't progress because all of the enemies will beat you no matter what at a certain point if you don't go in with full health.

sick setting, story, and atmosphere


I want to like this game but I feel it's tuned far too difficult. If I try to Intangle enemies it misses half the time, then I die. If I try to use the defensive tool I block the first attack then immediately take a weak-point hit and get soft-locked into the enemies 'stabilising' again, where I die afterwards.

It kinda just seems like a fluke that I win any battle? You die in two hits and your basic attack feels like it misses 90% of the time.


okayyyy i have not managed to beat it, i will try again i think but also just really hoping for someone to make a playthru ha ha ;w; the graphics and atmosphere is really fucking good, i love that its like 3d??? i feel like i didnt know rpgmaker could do that!

(+1) rpg maker mv has so many plugins

ooh i need to look into it all :0

this is soo good oh my gosh. the excitement i got out of defeating a difficult encounter, the enemy designs...the soundtrack... THE FINALE... can you upload the ost sometime... favorite of domino 4 so far


good news


(bug with animations should be fixed now)