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WILD. This is some shit Jacob Geller would make a video about. I hated playing this but in a good way

Awesome! I really liked this a lot...


replaying this game again for the seventh time. I still have no idea how to explain the fact that one of my top 3 favorite games of all time is about... well... as I said, I still have no idea how to explain it. 

aside from the extremely creative (and well done) sound design and graphics, the writing is so evocative; not only does it make me feel, but it latches onto me, and I keep finding myself returning to it.


wow cool


this was made for an extremely niche demographic and by god am I part of that group


Am a big fan of eternal hellscapes where the utopian promise of technology is betrayed and it ends up making everything horrible, forever. Depressing as hell but visually and creatively stunning. Also, ventilator best character

When do we get the secret ventilator romance ending

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"you are a battery; a vessel to accumulate and ferment human responses to inhuman realities."

i feel like this line cuts right to the heart, and tragedy, of this game. god. anyways. loved this! the art, dialogue, and the percentages as descriptions. it was all so creative and haunting <3


oh to be a part of a machine composed of the enhanced evolution of humanity


It made my insides turn(complimentary)


Horny and depressing. The good stuff.



i wanna play this so bad but every time i try to start it, it gets stuck loading (music) between 35% and 42% :(

i will look into it today but you may be able to play in the meantime by trying in another browser


okay i added a condition for it to skip loading if it takes too long--it's just preloading so it shouldn't have any noticeable effect, but if you see any problems please let me know

it's working now! thank you :)

er... it wont load for me



<null data-modified="true"><null data-modified="true" style="font-weight:700;">this was so perfect i love this so much. like oh my god this was so fucking awesome </null></null>

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obsessed with this


I was told smut.

I found a contemplation of an existential horror brought on by a necessity for technological progress that could not overcome the vestigial remnants of the human concept.

I'd say wtf, but also well done.

H.R. Giger-esque anti-human degeneracy.


literally painful to experience; the sounds physically hurt

idk what to do for the survive screen.

i cant get past it either did you figure it out?

Sadly i still haven't :(

press enter or double tap on the word

Thank you sm! I was getting very angry lmao.

double tap doesn’t work for some reason 


I will admit, this was the best experience I've had in a while. Like an awakening.


This is not what I was expecting, but I am not upset. 
I love weird games, this was awesome. I hope you make more games !


Fantastic Voyage, but make it Giger.


My ears...


unspeakably perfect




like if NIN made a game to go along with the Broken film. kinda love this...

doesn't work on both chrome and opera gx for some reason

having trouble getting the game to start

just been sitting at a loading scene for the last 20 minutes

try using chrome browser for now. engine bug


i am inverted. incubator to a world outside of me


I've just experienced something so viscerally transcendent yet innately repulsive at the same time. Some of my favourite quotes are: "Poor dears, it takes so many eyes to see all," "A desire for power is always a fantasy of the weak, but a desire it is, to be fulfilled.” and "We are consigned to the gutters, to bleed off our fury. To wither." 

I'd pay to play a game like this, to be honest.


holy shit yes


the outer limits . . . please stand by. loved the graphics. and this page css


im sorry but i was both horny and terrified at once.

very well done.


okay WOW the imagery... and the sounds and descriptions.. just wow??


i loved this.... the sounds are so good, and the art...... i love the way you get the descriptions of things as percentages, super cool..... and a spaceship that is a body that is a milkion bodies living in hell....... cool....


The descriptions of things as percentages of a concept immediately made me think of the way artificial intelligences categorize images and responses before selecting what they believe to be reality, like IBM's Watson.


am confused but in an enraptured way

[ L O A D   T O R P E D O ]

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This is what I'd imagine would hapen if you told a sex-repulsed ai to make a porn game