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recognizing that There There needledrop 10 years after the last time i had ever heard it [in a similarly terrifying web context] struck the fear of god into me. 10/10.

i do not have the reflexes or brainpower for trying to reach all the spots :'D

but what i played instantly drew me in! agreeing at the puzzle aspects being fun, if a bit frustrating when youre just a few tiles away, hehe

also. excellent music. scared the heebie jeebies out of me from the outset


The chaos it throws you into. The way playful discovery unfolds into horror. The audiovisual vibe shifts. Incredible.

My body is full of fear and disgust. Best narrative horror pachinko experience I have ever had.


holy shit... zzt in a dream. emotional. terror. thanatophobia maximal...


even harder than greasemnk. love the vibes....................


never mind i did reach the end, hee hoo nice and dreadful


whoa.. i like the puzzle nature of this?? idk if its part of mzx or not but i def love what its doing but also ouch my eyes hurt so much.. haha


Absolutely incredible, thank you for this.

I'm not sure what but whoa


i feel physically ill (complimentary)


holy shit i never expected megazeux to show up. LOVE this game