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honestly intrigued by this. ives played alot of domino games and I want to make one of my own like this!. hell its inspired me to make even more then one!

you should go ahead, its very fun. you can download the game and play with the structure

text seems to get cut off for me, anyone know how to fix this?

very cool vibes from what i have seen, though!

is the text cut in a specific scene or everywhere? which browser are you using? plays best in firefox

yeah, I did play on firefox! happened on all zoom levels, as well as when i resized the window. started from the very beginning, though i thought it was intentional to add to the vibe--so props for the atmosphere!

it seems to come along with menu / choice text being misaligned, like so (the clickable boxes are above the visible text) so might just be a general text issue:

this is very good, oh m


sobbing and crying at how impeccable this is


This is super cool! However I can't seem to figure out the password :c


Sameee :( did you ever figure it out?

I'm stuck on the password too and now i feel like the most uncool person ever :c


I'm stuck too... :( I thought the clue would be in the scrolling text section but nothing from that seems to work. Hopefully someone will figure it out and help us all.


Add me to the list of people who tried 100 things and got no luck.


same, tried various versions of "serial.killer.g"but to no avail- would really love to play more of this!


i think this is my 2022 game of the year


im dead now. this has killed me

oh my god....that's all i can say

cackling and crying


Really good game! Love the MS DOS style art...!


holy shit.. im just.. this is so big brained! im fucking cackling. IM FUCKING YELLINGGERFHGFHNG this game fucking RULES