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what are the controls? can't figure it out...

theres a slider underneath the cat, u drag it back and forth

Didn't see it at first, had to zoom out to 80% for it to be visible/interactable.


Staring intently at my monitor, making faster and faster back and forth movements with one hand at waist height. My roommate, graciously, tries not to look too closely at what I'm doing.

Very cute. I won't ever find out how it ends but it's fun!


but who's EATING the dirt??



I finally completed the game! It only took me, like 20 hours and a TON of clicks!


heh i gave up digging and left it alone for like 24 hrs and i won B^)


DEVO fans get your shovels


What a dumb game.


Mods, KILL THIS MAN!!!!!


this is genuinely my goal of reaction on making games


Got so much fuckin' dirt vivi is a champion... couldn't have made it without all those special golden vivi bonuses


I dug the dort


how long can this go on

*y e s*







I'm really good at this game because I jack off so much


i REALLY enjoyed looking at the animal. music is fun, and also loud. one of the buttons was offscreen so i had to zoom out a little bit. five stars. one million stars