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really sweet and also sad... poor rhys


I want to protect them....

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jack black, slandered. otherwise, great and very real


Probably the best portrayal of internet messaging I've seen in fiction. It really gets the feel of how the message can blur reality, but also the details like typos and how even the change of a profile icon can have great meaning when it's timed just right. 

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Awh, What a sweet game but... the relationship issues feel a bit childish for a 28 and 32 year old... I'd imagine then a few years younger.


LOVED THAT!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVED THAT!! i love these two ((and i hope hazel rly did fly over and they had that nasty furry greasy irl erp, u love to see it))


That was lovely! Not just in how naturalistic the DM's feel but in how it uses its presentation to blur the lines between person and persona, dreams and reality... gonna go cry in the shower for a bit